Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, so we’ve got answers. Below are some of the most common enquiries we get from business owners just like yourself.

Q: How much will my stocktake cost?

A: This is a tough question with no one answer. Your needs and your business’ unique circumstances will affect our final quote, so it’s important that you speak to one of our representatives. Things like how much stock your business holds, where and how it’s stored, and how many locations you need us at will influence the final amount. That said, we want to make it easy for large companies or business dealing in bulk to get expert support, so a good rule of thumb is the bigger the stock level the lower our rate. Choose to have us in a regular schedule and we will be able to offer further discounts.

Q: Where are your stocktake services available?

A: Anywhere in Australia! We have offices in Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales, but have helped businesses across the country get an accurate inventory.

Q: Can you do a stocktake at short notice?

A: In general, yes! Many of our clients can be serviced within 24 hours, depending on staff availability and your location. If you need a stocktake done tonight or tomorrow, please get in touch and let us tell you what we can do.

Q: When will we receive our Stocktake Report?

A: The majority clients receive a Stocktake Report immediately after completion of the stocktake. Where a client has additional requirements or needs extra information in the report, it can take up to 24 hours for the final report to be delivered.

Q: How are your manual stocktakes done?

A: We use the Margin Method to produce a dollar value report during manual stocktake.

Q: What is an electronic stocktake?

A: Data on your stock is collected with barcode scanners and uploaded either to your own office system or to Stocktaker’s independent database. Where stock has not been barcoded, we are more than capable of creating an itemised inventory with the current stock levels of each item.

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