Welcome to Australia’s leading professional stocktaking service, the #1 provider of stocktaking expertise in Gold Coast, Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Northern Territory. Our mission is simple: to ease the pressure and stress that the stocktaking process places on businesses, and to provide more efficient and convenient means of conducting this vital business practice. We are dedicated to providing accurate and affordable service to our valued customers.

What our stocktakers can do for your business

Stocktake is a difficult time to plan for within many businesses, due to the sudden demand for extra manpower and to handle tasks often far outside the usual scope of employees’ duties. Stocktaker is the better solution to this problem your business has been waiting for.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in efficient and thorough asset stocktaking. Instead of using valuable manpower within your business, you could ultimately cut costs by outsourcing the task to one of our professionals. Alternatively, you can turn to us to recruit first rate staff while you continue to handle stocktake and business inventories on your own.

We are the fastest growing stocktaking and inventory services firm around

Through hard work and forging valuable connections in our community, we have rapidly grown to become one of the biggest and best stocktaking companies in Queensland, also operating across Northern New South Wales and Northern Territory. We deliver a comprehensive range of services to ease the burden of business inventory for clients across these states, including in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Coffs Harbour, Darwin, Katherine and many more. Contact us today through our web form or call us on 1300 520 881 to discuss how yours can be the next business to benefit.

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Professional Stocktake Services provide efficient and accurate business inventory support to companies across Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Northern Territory. Our team of highly specialised stocktake consultants can help ease the administrative and financial burden of annual stock takes, leaving you and your staff to get back to work.